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Custom Machine Designers & Builders
smart innovative engineering & thermal solutions integrated production lines

About Us

Yeda Engineering is an innovative engineering firm. We offer a large variety of custom-made production machines, using state of the art technology.

Since 1982, Yeda Engineering has provided the industry with numerous fully and semi-automated custom made machines that help our customers boost productivity and quality, while attaining significant savings. We are completely dedicated to providing our customers with best quality engineered equipment.

We offer innovative, cost saving ideas, competitive prices and on time delivery. We will apply our vast experience to your needs. We can cater to your industry, as we have done in Biotech, Medical, Electronics, Polymers, Automotive, Fasteners and others. Our 13,000 sq. feet facility is located in Cleveland Ohio. It includes a complete, fully functional tool room and machine assembly area. We do all the mechanical, electrical and control design in house, using state of the art technology.

In September 2011 we developed a fully integrated production line for the manufacturing of TIM (Thermal Interface Materials). This production line consists of a roll former, a proprietary curing oven, a puller/sheeter and an unwidner/rewinder. We have become a global leading supplier of these integrated lines.