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Our High-Speed Fully Integrated TIM Production Line:

On April 2006 Yeda LLC started  developing automated machines for the production of TIM, sheets and rolls, for one of the largest global TIM manufacturer in the world. The equipment were developed for their US and China operations. Following this development, orders started pouring in for these production lines, from other TIM manufacturers as well.

Our Fully Integrated TIM Production Line:

The mix enters into, sometimes heated, forming rolls while it is sandwiched between two (2) protective liners, and it is formed to the desired thickness. Sometimes an additional fiberglass liner can be added for product reinforcement. From there it enters the curing oven and upon its exit it enters the puller/sheeter where it is cut to sheets of predetermined length. There is also an option of rewinding the web into a roll. Each station is controlled by a local PLC and all of them are slaved to a centeral master PLC. Any acitivity is recorded and transmitted to the master PLC in real time. There is also an option linking the feeding of the mix automatically with the pot press.